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WHAT’S NEXT? Let’s Take This Outside

Usually the words, “Let’s take this outside” are followed by a fight or altercation. Today, as we officially enter Phase 3: Recovery of the Restore Illinois plan in response to COVID-19, “Let’s take this outside” is a fine summary of the new…   Read More »

Memorial Day Prayer 2020 - A Prayer to Share

  For use privately, or around the dinner table Hi Friends,  Memorial Day weekend is almost here. It will be different this year, no doubt, but it’s still a holiday dedicated to celebrating the freedoms we enjoy, and honoring those who sacrificed life and blood to…   Read More »

Memorial Day Remembrances

Each Memorial Day, as I reflect on those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, I think about a young mother, a tiny baby boy, and a brave Marine named Shane. I never met Shane, but I first heard about him and his family almost 16 years ago.  We had recently moved to…   Read More »

Why Are We Here?

The Bible has a curious answer to one of our core existential questions. When we ask, “Why are we here?”, God responds: “To get married!” This is true — and appropriate — whether you are young, old, male, female, already married or single. Let…   Read More »

Lament: Biblical Prayer Makes A Comeback

Lament is the go-to biblical way to pray. It’s the one form of prayer that has a dedicated book in the Bible, “Lamentations.”  There is no book of “Intercessions” or “Adorations”  or “Confessions,” and yet we North American…   Read More »

Playing Wilderness Bingo

I’m a big fan of wilderness experiences — at least, of the spiritual variety. As I’ve written before, I’ve been known to get excited when people tell me they’re wandering  — or even  experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul — wondering why…   Read More »

Look Around

Our “shelter in place” order challenges our sanity and spiritual well-being. I’ve detected increasing signs of frustration and impatience from many folks, including myself! The prospect of some aspects of the order easing as of today (May 1) is heartening. The prospect of…   Read More »

The Red Sea Dolphin

The Israelites went through the sea on dry ground,  with a wall of water on their right and on their left. - Exodus 14:29 I occasionally wonder what it would be like to be a fish or a bird. As a ground-bound human, I would love to soar through the air like any humble sparrow can at…   Read More »

Save Their Ears Headbands

As Covid-19 continues to spread and the demand for homemade face masks increases some folks have wondered “How can I help if I can’t sew?” ECRC member Denise Mason Smith initially wondered that too. But when nurse friends remarked how wearing surgical…   Read More »

The Wilderness

There is a place where God routinely takes his people, his chosen and favorite people. It’s called the wilderness. As I’m writing this early on Friday morning, it LOOKS like a wilderness outside my window in Illinois. The sky is a steel curtain overhead, snow is flying…   Read More »

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