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A Good Time to be Alive

“It’s a good time to be alive” might seem like a strange thing to say as we approach the year anniversary of a global pandemic, but it’s true on so many levels. Our American lives today are significantly healthier, safer, and more secure than even the privileged…   Read More »

The Endless Season

When I was a kid, the Beach Boys had an album called “Endless Summer” that was a family favorite. That iconic soundtrack from California surf culture seemed like a wondrous dream to me while growing up beneath the gunmetal skies and sooty snowbanks of the Midwest. I imagined…   Read More »

It’s Life…and Death

There has been a high concentration of life and death circumstances in our extended church family of late. In January alone, two of Elmhurst CRC’s former pastors went home to be with the Lord: Rev. Gerrit Stoutmeyer (served 1967-72) and Rev. Wayne Leys (1974-1983).   Our…   Read More »

Things That Last

During this week of presidential transition, I’ve been reflecting on what stands the test of time. For all the volume, drama, and even blood spilt over presidential preferences during the past 12 months, it is a simple fact that no administration endures more than eight years. No…   Read More »

The Other

One of the reasons that American has been a good place is because we are a nation full of others. My forebears came from Europe desperately seeking medical expertise and healing. My neighbors came from the Middle East seeking economic opportunity. Another former neighbor came from India…   Read More »

Time for a New Beginning

In last week’s sermon on Genesis 1, I revealed how the opening words of the Bible would be more accurately translated from the Hebrew language as “In a beginning” rather than “In the beginning” as virtually every English translation has rendered them.…   Read More »

Remember When…?

It’s ironic that our most difficult times are frequently our most memorable times. My father got visibly angry with me exactly twice (both times well deserved!) when I was kid.I remember those two moments more vividly than I remember any of the countless games of catch we played.…   Read More »

Year End Update 2020


Escape Isolation and Embrace Invitation

Most of us will be missing some of our treasured traditions this year. From Christmas pageants and programs to gatherings with extended family, COVID has created a long list of losses. While these losses can nurture feelings of isolation, I’d like to share a few winning invitations…   Read More »

Great Expectancy

One of Charles Dickens’s (he of A Christmas Carol fame) most famous novels is entitled Great Expectations. At the risk of trying to one up one of England’s great authors, I’m suggesting that a small 2020 Advent improvement to his title could be had with this tweak:…   Read More »

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