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How to Have a Happy Mothers’ Day

My mom died a few years ago. I miss her greatly.  She often said that her legacy was embodied in her five children. I’m not so sure about that. While she certainly gave, sacrificed, and nurtured her kids to the best of her ability — and we all turned out sort of OK —…   Read More »

I’m Gonna Ask You To Step Outside

At this week’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) meeting, we talked quite a bit about the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor worship. At one point, I said something to the effect of, “Even if there were no such thing as COVID, worshipping outdoors for the summer is the best thing…   Read More »

Spring Forecast for Worship

Spring has officially arrived in our northerly part of the world. The white blossoms of the pear trees are in full bloom. Redbuds are pushing out their uniquely purplish flowers. Noisy birds are nesting, and the lawn needs to be mowed — frequently! With the return of more comfortable…   Read More »

A Shot of Hope

What a week it’s been at Elmhurst CRC! I’ve had more fun than any pastor should be allowed to have despite the ongoing complexities of living through the tail end of a global pandemic. There are three golden moments from the last seven days that are still shining in my…   Read More »

A Guide for Outdoor Worship

The original Palm Sunday parade was an outdoor experience. So were the dark, brutal events of Good Friday. So, too, was Jesus’s first appearance to Mary Magdalene and those of the angelic messengers on the first Easter. Our local remembrances of these eternally crucial events will…   Read More »

The Chosen

"The Chosen" is a TV series about Jesus. I recently watched all eight episodes as a way of preparing for Holy Week and drawing my own thoughts closer to Jesus. It worked! Here are a few of the unique things about this series: “The Chosen” is already the largest crowdfunded…   Read More »

Time Flies (and Bends)

I remember vividly what I was doing a year ago today, Friday the 13th of March 2020: I was walking around in a fog of disbelief. The previous day I had a science-y conversation with ECRC member and Elmhurst University professor Don Van Beek. At the end of the evening, I caught some audio…   Read More »

52 - A Daunting Number

At the top of the notes that I bring into worship each week, I keep track of the number of weeks that it’s been since the dawn of the COVID era. When I went to scribble that  number on my notes yesterday, my hand froze —  partly out of disbelief, partly in a moment of…   Read More »

A Good Time to be Alive

“It’s a good time to be alive” might seem like a strange thing to say as we approach the year anniversary of a global pandemic, but it’s true on so many levels. Our American lives today are significantly healthier, safer, and more secure than even the privileged…   Read More »

The Endless Season

When I was a kid, the Beach Boys had an album called “Endless Summer” that was a family favorite. That iconic soundtrack from California surf culture seemed like a wondrous dream to me while growing up beneath the gunmetal skies and sooty snowbanks of the Midwest. I imagined…   Read More »

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