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Psalm 23

I think of Psalm 23 as a “five senses” psalm. David’s poetic words bring images of green pastures, the bubbly sounds of quiet streams, the smell of fresh air, the taste of banquet, and the gentle hand of God leading his people. Because of this, Psalm 23 stirs up many…   Read More »

Give Grace, Receive Grace

As the holidays fast approach, the usual feeling of lightness that accompanies is strangely absent for me. This is true despite having peaceably come through a hotly contested election cycle and the hopeful announcement that a 90% effective vaccine is on the horizon.  Most of us have…   Read More »

God Only Knows

One of the results of a good education is the recognition of how much one does NOT know. One of the results of growing older is the humble acceptance of one’s limitations, both physical and mental. And one of the results of going through a year like 2020 is the anxious societal…   Read More »

Weather & Worship

Here’s the long-range forecast for the worship of the Living God:  100% chance that at the name of Jesus, every knee will bow. This forecast is going to permanently change the climate. It’s not only going to take place up in the atmosphere (heaven). It’s going to…   Read More »


It was so good to have people back in our sanctuary last Sunday for worship. The joy of being together for the worship of God was palpable on both sides of the Livestream lens. I was proud of the way our live worshippers embraced the moment. Despite the addition of extra processes and…   Read More »

Extra Grace Required

We all need a little more grace these days. To give it. To receive it.  These last months of journeying through the “Corona Wilderness” have left virtually all of us more irritable and annoyable than ever before — and, to be brutally honest — most of us have…   Read More »

Live Studio Audience

As a kid, I always wanted to witness the live filming of a show like “Happy Days” or “Laverne and Shirley” or, later, even “Seinfeld.” Alas, my family never took a trip to “Tinseltown” and that dream went unfulfilled…  Until now!…   Read More »

Fourth Quarter Comeback

Thoughts on Year-End Giving at Elmhurst CRC It's officially the Fourth Quarter of 2020, and like a football team that finds some positive momentum after three challenging quarters, we as a church are making a comeback in many ways: our day-to-day ministries are up and running,…   Read More »

Alpha: “Just a little Jesus”

Have you ever been to a used car lot?  You know: the one where you pull in and as you get out of your car, the salespeople have surrounded you wondering if they can help? These men and women have an agenda: they are hungry for a sale to make their commission. No matter how much they…   Read More »

Indoor Worship

Dear Friends and Members of Elmhurst CRC,  As we turn toward the home stretch of 2020 and the temperatures begin to cool, many of us are rightly wondering how our worship life is going to proceed into fall and winter. I want to share five thoughts with you, including the first date…   Read More »

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